Mix It Up Week 2 Networking Strategies


You are meeting with your mixed group for one hour today to collaborate on strategies on networking. Below is an outline for how we encourage you to use this time, but we also encourage you as a group to think about what you’d like to accomplish together.

Introductions (10 mins)

You’re in a mixed group of people across modules and programs. Start by getting to know each other and make space for everyone to share:

  • Names
  • Pronouns
  • Program & Cohort
  • What brought you to Turing?
  • How do you feel about your current networking strategies?

Establishing Group Norms (8-10 mins)

Here are some suggested norms to start with:

  • Make space. Everyone should be given a chance to share.
  • Be present. Take a break from your projects and show up to this conversation.
  • Make this time valuable. What intention can you set for your time today? How can you demonstrate that you value the other students in your group? How can your group members let you know that they value you?

Please discuss any additional norms you would like to set as a group!

Group Discussion (35 mins)

Please plan to discuss the following topics:

  1. Learning Goals:

    • Individually, write down one thing you’d like to get out of today’s discussion around the topic of networking. If you feel comfortable, please share this intention with the group as you get started.
  2. Lessons Learned. As a group, take turns sharing:

    • How are you currently networking? Examples: #lets_grab_donuts, rock and pebble connections, mentor meetings, and this Mix It Up group right now!
    • What has worked well for you?
    • What have you learned about tips for networking? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
  3. Group Brainstorm:

    • As a group, work together to brainstorm a list of all the ways you could approach networking using a jamboard or a gist. Think about both how you can network within the Turing commmunity and in the wider industry. If you feel comfortable, please post this list in the #on-campus channel on Slack to share with the community!
    • What types of networking approaches are easiest for you and why? What does this tell you about how you like to connect with others? How could you lean into this more to realize your networking goals?
    • What types of networking approaches are most challenging for you and why? How could you use your strengths to make this a little easier for you to try? As a group, see if you can come up with some ways to support each other in moving out of your comfort zone a little bit when it comes to networking approaches.
  4. Put it into Practice. Take about 10 minutes to work on this next part individually:

    • Decide on something you could do to further your networking goals this week. Some suggestions: do some research using resources here or pick a networking contact from your networking tracker to send a message to. For Mod 1 students, think about the networking goal you started on yesterday.
    • As you get started on this networking goal, consider these questions:
      • Define your purpose: what do you still need to learn?
      • Who should you reach out to help you with that?
      • What are the biggest obstacles to realizing your networking goals? How can you work past these obstacles?
  5. Share & Give Feedback:

    • Share with each other what you worked on and give each other feedback on ways they could continue to advance their networking goals.
    • If there’s time, share with each other what messages you wrote to contacts. Are they clear and specific?

Close Out & Next Steps (5 mins)

Review the learning goals you set out to achieve today. Did you make progress? What are you proud of? What wins can you take away from this conversation today? Finally, how could you continue building relationships with your Mix It Up group outside of today’s conversation?