Turing Career Development - Mod 1 Prework

The Career Development prework is divided into 4 sections and should take about 2 hours to complete. Submission Directions for this Prework are here

Part I: Career Development Overview (15 mins)

The objective of the Career Development Team is for all Turing students to have the skills and abilities to pursue full-time employment in high fulfillment technical careers upon graduation. To do this, our curriculum focuses on five specific competencies:

  • Networking: Using outreach and networking strategies to make connections in the software industry to support a student’s job search
  • Interviewing: The skills needed to thoroughly respond to behavioral interview questions, articulate technical process, and demonstrate technical knowledge through code challenges
  • Materials: A student’s branding materials that showcase their work for employers, i.e., LinkedIn, resume, portfolio, cover letter
  • Job Search Strategies: A student’s understanding of their own goals and creating a set of steps to achieve them
  • Negotiations: Understanding software industry market rates for compensation and the resources needed to negotiate for competitive rates

You can find all information on the curriculum and job search support on the Career Development site

Part I Action Items to Complete:

  1. Bookmark the Career Development site. You will also be able to find this site again from both the Backend Curriculum site and the Frontend Curriculum site. Spend a few minutes browsing around the site and make note of:
    • The Career Dev Team mission statement and Team members on the homepage – familiarize yourself with who your coach will be at different points in the program!
    • The Module 1 section, which includes lessons, activities, and information on your learning goals for Mod 1
    • The Resources section. Here you can find links, videos, and documents to help you with specific areas of support in the job search.
    • The Homeroom Groups and Mix It Up information. Within your cohort, you’ll be put into a small group to work on PD activities and discussion together as a way to foster collaboration weekly. Twice a mod, you’ll also be put into groups mixed across program and cohorts to meet others in the Turing community and share resources based on specific topics.
    • The Module 5 section, which covers what job search support looks like once you’ve graduated from Turing.
  2. [Watch this video that outlines our expectations and FAQs about Career Development](
  3. Reflect on the following questions in the survey you’ll submit for this section of prework (see submission directions here):
    • How do you feel about the expectations of the professional development curriculum? What are you excited about when it comes to professional development? What are your questions or concerns about these expectations?

Part II: Pairin Survey (15-20 mins)

One tool we’ll be using for your professional development at Turing is the Pairin Survey. This survey measures over 100 coachable and changeable skills. This activity invites you to begin building an understanding of how learning about and developing your strengths applies to your success in your new career. We will discuss the results of this survey more in-depth in your first professional development session at Turing.

Part II Action Items to Complete:

  1. Take the survey using this link. It will prompt you to create an account when you take it. There are 2 sections for this survey:
    • First section: Choose adjectives to answer how you currently are
    • Second section: Choose adjectives to answer how you would like to be. The second section is marked as “optional,” but it is highly recommended that you fill out this section in order to provide more data for you on how you’d like to grow. The survey should take you about 15-20 minutes.
  2. Download the PDF of your Pairin Top 4 results (or take a screenshot) and include it in your prework survey submission (see submission directions here).

Optional: To build an understanding of your Pairin results, here are additional resources:

Part III: Complete 1 activity for Each Competency (60-75 mins)

As you begin this new chapter of your career, the Career Development team is here to meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals. To help us understand more about your background and comfort levels with each of the 5 competencies, please choose 1 activity for each competency to complete at the level in which you feel most comfortable. You’ll end up with 5 activities to jump start your career development as you start at Turing, and you’ll submit them in the prework survey submission (see submission directions here). Each one should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.


Networking is about building relationships. To get started with networking while at Turing, choose one of the following to complete:

  • Level I: If you have never worked professionally and/or haven’t participated in any professional networking, please complete this activity.

  • Level II: If you have professional work experience and feel comfortable reaching out to the professional network you already have, please complete this activity.

  • Level III: If you have built networking skills previously and want to dive into building a tech industry network through cold outreach, please complete this activity.



Job Search Strategies


Part IV: Submit Your Career Development Prework (15 mins)

Fill out this survey to provide your reflections and activities from Parts I-III as well as a few other questions to help the Career Development Team know how to support you at the survey link here.

If you have any questions about the prework, please reach out to Allison Reu Singer on Slack: @allison_reu_singer