End of Module Working Group - Week 5


You have all worked hard to get your career materials optimized for job search – you should feel good about this! As you prepare for your next steps in your job hunt, it will be important to reflect on who you are now and how to stay connected during this transition period.

Working Group Guidelines

  1. Revisit your norms as a group to understand how you’ll approach feedback with each other in this space (5 mins)

  2. To start, take a few minutes to reflect on your career development journey as a Software Developer, how are you embracing your developer identity? Today, you are a software developer! If you dont think so, think back to Mod 1. How have you changed and grown? (3-5 mins)

  3. Next, if each person can share your response to the following question either out loud or in the chat:
    • What is at least one way you have embraced your developer identity? Or said another way, how are you embracing your career transition as a software developer? (10-15 mins)
  4. Now, take the next 6-8 minutes to read the following article on;
  5. Be prepared to discuss the following questions: (30 mins)
    • Which of the 5 elements of a community building centered job search resonated with you most? Why?
    • How will you use your developer identity for a stronger connection during the Mod 5 job search?
    • What accountability systems will you use or develop?
    • What resources or people will you need?
  6. Take notes of these disussion points to use as you plan for intermission and starting Mod 5. You will have more opportunities to develop your job search plan!