Module 1 Week 5

Workshop on Storytelling & LinkedIn


This is your final PD activity during this module, which you’ll complete during your Week 5 Homeroom Groups. By the end of that hour, there are 2 goals for you to achieve:

  • A working version of your professional story
  • A working draft of your LinkedIn profile

What should a working draft of a LinkedIn profile look like? The minimum requirements are:

  • Headshot
  • Headline updated to include your software identity
  • Summary section to tell your professional story
  • Turing added to both Experience and Education sections

For all the details on how to build an effective LinkedIn profile, check out the guidelines at the top of this page

Workshop Guidelines

This workshop takes place during Week 5 Homeroom:

  1. Revisit your norms as a group to understand how you’ll approach feedback with each other in this space (5 mins)
  2. Status check (10 mins)
    • Share where each person is when it comes to their professional story:
      • On a scale of 1-5, how confident do you feel about sharing your professional story?
      • What areas do you feel most confident in when sharing your professional story?
      • What areas do you want to improve on when sharing your professional story?
    • Share how each person feels about their LinkedIn rough draft:
      • On a scale of 1-5, how effective do you feel your LinkedIn profile is right now? ‘
      • What areas do you feel most confident in for your LinkedIn?
      • What areas do you want to improve on in your LinkedIn?
  3. Each person shares their LinkedIn profile and the group provides feedback that is specific, actionable, and kind (20 mins):
    • What is working well? Examples: strong understanding of why they are changing careers; know what transferable skills they bring from their previous experiences; understand the kinds of technologies they are currently learning/specialize in;
    • What could be improved? Examples: it’s not clear yet why you changed careers to become a software developer; it’s not clear what kind of software developer you are; it’s not clear what kinds of jobs you are looking for.
  4. Use the remaining time to make updates based on the feedback you received.
    • If you have already gotten the minimum requirements completed on your LinkedIn, focus on:
    • Make sure to add each other as connections and endorse each other for skills.
    • Consider writing recommendations for your project partners from this module and asking them to do the same for you.