Job Shadow Opportunity


This opportunity directly builds on the Mod 2 What’s a Dev experience to provide more specifics on the culture of tech companies, experience high-functioning team interactions, and gain exposure to the amazing work that companies are doing on a daily basis. Students experience many positive things at Turing; however, there is no substitute for seeing exceptional companies in action.

How to Prepare

In week 3, you’ll receive a Slack message from Robyn Purvin, our Partnerships Manager, with information on:

  • Which company you will shadow
  • Beginning and ending times for students
  • Contact information for the contact who is running the event
  • Any rules or expectations for the company, including signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary

FAQ: Can you choose the company you shadow with? No. We are not able to accommodate individual requests, and hearing from a wide variety of companies will be helpful for your job search no matter your goals.

Before the event, take time to research the company and decide on some questions you’d like answered. A good template for this is AEIOU:

  • Activities: what questions do you have about the activities that a software developer does on a daily basis?
  • Environment: what questions do you have about the overall environment and culture of this workplace?
  • Interactions: what questions do you have about the team at this company? What do you hope to see in your interactions during the shadow?
  • Objects: what questions do you have about the code or the product?
  • Users: what questions do you have about how the company interacts with their users?


The Job Shadow event happens on the Tuesday of Week 4 from 12:30pm to 4:00pm MT. Typical shadowing activities include:

  • Sit-in/Observe team meetings
  • Sit-in/Observe developers planning and coding
  • Collaborate/Pair with your developers on their work
  • Culture conversation with hiring managers or HR
  • Question and answer session if time and resources permit


Please reach out to Allison (@allison_reu_singer) or Robyn (@robynp) on Slack!