The PD activities for this week focus on enhancing your LinkedIn profile, and building a portfolio. Here are the steps to complete:

  • Watch the video tutorials
  • Use the LinkedIn profile scoring tools, update your profile.
  • Fill out the basic profile information for your portfolio.

Learning Goals

  • Learn the importance of having an optimized LinkedIn profile to meet career goals.
  • Understand the key components that go into creating a terminal portfolio.

Week One Lesson

Part 1: Watch and take notes on the following videos.

Part 2: Take Action Terminal Portfolio Next Steps:

  • After watching the video on building your terminal portfolio, take a few minutes to do the following:
  • Check your email to confirm that you have an invite to set up your terminal profile. If not, reach out to the Lead Career Specialist.
  • Next, read how to get started with creating sections of your portfolio.
  • Then, fill out the basic profile information (about section, contact information, previous industries, etc).
  • You do not need to go any further with building your portfolio in Mod 3. You can complete the other sections according to your schedule.
    In Mod 3, you do not have to complete your Terminal Portfolio in its entirety. In Mod 4, it is the final deliverable.

LinkedIn Profile Next Steps:

  • Take a look at the following LinkedIn profile tools, and decide which ones you’ll use to update your profile.

Due Dates & Reminders

  • Complete the bio information for your terminal portfolio by the end of Week 3.
  • Review and update your LinkedIn profile by the end of Week 4.
  • Portfolios that are fully completed can be submitted during the inning, as long as they’re submitted by Friday of Week 5.

For questions or support, please contact the Mod 3 Career Specialists.