Resume Review and Terminal Portfolio Creation

Learning Goals

  • Identify the ATS components of resumes
  • Incorporate resume strategies to guide a complete version of your resume
  • Create a distinct Terminal portfolio that showcase your technical work, achievements and personal brand.## Overview

After you complete this lesson, you’ll synthesize your learning in this Exit Ticket.


Review and update resume to meet ATS compatibility. Then decide if you want to create your terminal portfolio as an option in Mod 3.

Resume Review and Terminal Portfolio

Please review the short video lecture followed by the resources to help guide your resume development.

Section 2: Overview on How to Build a Great Terminal Portfolio

Turing provides a space for professional portfolios on our website. Employers come to this part of the site to find candidates and post job opportunities; this is where the job postings in the #job-hunt channel come from.

  • Creating your unique portfolio is the perfect opportunity to showcase skills and stand out!
  • Developing your Terminal Portfolio optional for Mod 3. However, the sooner you get it published, the sooner employers can find your information on our site, so we provide you with information to set up this module.
  • Portfolios can be submitted during the inning, as long as its before EOD Friday of Week 5. Please review the submission requirements before submitting them for review.

Getting Started with Terminal

  • First, review the following video on how to set up your Terminal Portfolio:
  • Watch this demo

Next, follow these step-by-step directions to sign in:

Create Your About Me and Project Descriptons for Terminal

  • After setting up your portfolio, review tips and guidelines for drafting your About me and Technical Projects sections here

  • Review what needs to be included in order for your portfolio to be published? Here is what the team is looking for

When your profile is complete:

  • Make sure you’ve met the requirements for publication.
  • Click “Request Review” * A Career Specialist will review your profile and approve for publishing or request additional changes to be completed before it can be published.
  • After that,your profile will be published and visible on the main alumni directory as long as you are participating in job search support until you get your first job.
  • **Note: You must select “request review” on your Terminal portfolio and then a member of the Career Dev team will review it and publish it; it isn’t fully complete until we publish it.
  • If you do not wish to publish your Terminal portfolio, please reach out to your Career Specialist to discuss other options.

Check for Understanding

  1. Now that you’ve completed the lesson, please submit this exit ticket. Completion of this exit ticket is required for your professional development this module.
  2. Use the following Resume Checklist to help guide a complete version of your technical resume.
  3. When you have a completed resume (at some point during mod 3), use JobScan to see how optimized your resume is for roles you might be interested in pursuing. Upload your resume and a job description, and JobScan will highlight the key experience, and skills recruiters like to see.

Due Dates & Reminders

  • Complete the exit ticket for this lesson by EOD Friday of Week 1.
  • You will use your completed resume in week 5 via resume review activities
  • Final resume due date is EOD Friday of Week 5 through the end of mod survey
  • Portfolios can be submitted during the inning, as long as its before EOD Friday of Week 5

Check out PD office hours or contact the Career team for questions and support!