Setting up your terminal portfolio - Welcome to Terminal!

Turing provides a space for professional portfolios on our website. Employers come to this part of our site to find candidates, and we also share these with employers who come to us asking for candidates. The terminal also functions as a job board – this is where the job postings in #job-hunt come from!

Step One

  1. You should receive an email inviting you to set up your terminal profile. If you do not have the invitation sent from, please contact the Mod 3 Lead Career Specialist.
  2. Read how to set your portfolio, and requirements before it can be published
  3. As an option you can use the exit ticket to check your understanding of the material and ask follow-up questions. A Career Specialist will review the exit ticket and follow up via DM or the combined channel.

Step Two

  • Fill out all sections of your profile.
  • Adding projects to your portfolio in Mod 3 is optional. The main objective is to fill out the essential profile information and gradually enhance the portfolio with projects in Mod 4.
  • Upload your resume only if it is complete, optimized with technical projects, and meets the standard requirements for resumes.

Step Three

  • Submit your portfolio Deliverable via this submission form by the end of week 4.

If you have any questions about this portfolio, please reach out to the Career Development team!