Module 2 Professional Development Learning Goals & Outcomes

We recognize that everyone starts their Turing journey at a different point in their career. While some students will focus on additional competencies based on their existing professional experience, below are the core competencies and outcomes for students’ professional development by the end of Mod 2.

Key Learning Goals

Core Competencies of Module 2:

  • Continue building community through professional development
  • Gain clarity on personal career goals
  • Continue utilizing mentor for job search support
  • Customize strategies for job search

Module 2 Outcomes

By the end of Module 2, we aim for students to achieve Levels I and II readiness in Job Search Strategies and Negotiations and achieve Level II readiness in Networking, Interviewing, and Materials.

(Note: SIAT = Student is able to)

Networking Level II:

  • SIAT identify and utilize networking strategies that work best for them based on their own identity and preferences
  • SIAT identify and utilize networking groups with which they identify
  • SIAT identify contacts from their network to reach out to linked to specific reasons
  • SIAT describe and demonstrate successful strategies for how to write messages to contacts
  • SIAT schedule a coffee meeting/phone call
  • SIAT formulate specific questions for coffee meeting/phone calls tied to goals
  • SIAT apply responses from contact to create connections to student’s own values and goals in their career

Interviewing Level II:

  • SIAT apply reflections to describe why they belong in the tech industry
  • SIAT describe growth they observe in their strengths and in their current work at Turing
  • SIAT describe their goals for their career and values that matter to them in companies regardless of whether or not they have a specific company in mind
  • SIAT make connections between skills/mindsets from previous career to new career
  • SIAT provide relevant examples/utilize STAR in interview prep

Materials Level II:

  • SIAT understand what makes them a unique asset to the tech industry in order to pull out aspects of identity to highlight in resume
  • SIAT summarize professional accomplishments and technical skills for a resume rough draft

Job Search Strategies Level I:

  • SIAT identify work they enjoy doing at Turing and why
  • SIAT describe values they are seeking from a workplace
  • SIAT make connections between personal values based on their identity and values in an ideal workplace

Negotiations Level I:

  • SIAT describe the benefits of negotiating job offers
  • SIAT understand aspects of job offers (i.e., base salary, signing bonuses, benefits, equity, etc.)
  • SIAT understand how the wage gap affects them based on their identity
  • SIAT describes how their identity influences their feelings about negotiations