Mod 2 Week 5

Resume Review Workshop


This workshop takes place during Week 5 Homeroom.

  1. Revisit your norms as a group to understand how you’ll approach feedback with each other in this space (5 mins)
  2. Status check (10 mins)
    • What do you feel good about with your resume?
    • What questions do you still have about making your resume effective?
    • What do you want to have completed by the end of today’s working session?
  3. Spend 20 minutes updating your your ATS-ready resume draft:
    • If you received specific feedback from the Career Dev team on how to improve it, start there.
    • Consider updating or adding in new projects to your draft.
    • If your ATS version of your resume is updated and ready to re-submit for PD, you could start on a “pretty” version using some of the templates and resources here.
  4. Use the remaining 20-30 minutes for feedback. Each person gets a chance to share their resume draft, and each person should provide feedback that is specific, actionable, and kind.


  • Update your resume draft using the feedback you got today.
  • Continue building your job search strategy using the resources from Week 3.
  • Complete 1 networking activity from Week 2’s lesson
  • Professional Coaching: You can reach out to Allison (@allison_reu_singer on Slack) through this request form if you’d like to get additional reports on your Pairin strengths or to schedule a coaching session in Module 1 or 2.
    • What is professional coaching? Sometimes referred to as “career therapy,” coaching provides you with the opportunity for thought partnership on goals that you have for your career. What topics could be covered? Whatever you want! Some popular topics are:

      • Stress management
      • Organization and time management
      • Career transition guidance
      • Using your Pairin data for growth
    • All coaching sessions are completely confidential.