Resources for Finding Opportunities

Below are resources to help you find opportunities from job postings to networking groups:

Search by…company

  • BuiltIn
    • Provides lots of details about companies
    • Located in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, LA, New York, and Seattle
  • Otta selects specific companies to showcase and provides a personalized approach to curating what listings show up for you when you make an account.
  • Google
    • Tips:
      • Search “top tech companies in [location]” / “top workplaces in [industry (edtech, fintech, etc.)]” and look for a journalist-generated list of companies that are recommended in that area
      • Pick a couple companies to look into and walk through their website, including their careers page and team page
      • Research these people on LinkedIn, Twitter, and look for a personal blog
    • Other Resources:
  • Owler is a great way to conduct research on different companies.

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Search by…language or skillset

Search by…network

  • LinkedIn
    • Tips:
      • Use the “Advanced Search” tool to find people based on skillset, location, and industry OR names of companies and select the “People who work at…” option
      • In “Keywords” type in the skills or focus you want to be working in (i.e., JavaScript, Ruby, Python, EdTech, FinTech, etc.)
      • In “Location” type in the area where you’d like to work
      • In “Industry” select “computer software”
      • Search: Of those profiles that return, look at their profiles to see the list of companies they’ve worked for. What companies do you want to continue to research? Who do you want to connect with?
      • You can also click on the company’s page and on the right side, view “Similar Companies” where your connections work
  • Juniors in Tech newsletter
  • People of Color in Tech is a job site specifically for People of Color in tech.
  • Black Tech Pipeline provides a job board and recruitment pipeline to connect Black developers with opportunities.
  • reacHire is a job site specifically for connecting women with companies that value inclusion.
  • This Dot hires women-presenting, frontend junior developers.
  • Power to Fly is a job site specifically for women.
  • Diversify Tech is a job site built specifically for underrepresented groups in tech.
  • is a job site built to connect underrepresented groups in tech with employers.
  • Incluzion is a community of Black and Latinx professionals working remotely and flexibly. They also operate as a connector between companies and diverse talent.
  • Jopwell is a community built specifically to advance careers for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. They post jobs as well as information on events and career advice.
  • Tech Ladies is a community for women and non-binary folks. You have to apply to join, but once accepted, you’ll have access to jobs from partnering companies.
  • Black Career Network connects Black professionals with job opportunities.
  • Chezie is a diversity career platform that allows you to search by both companies that value DEI and view job postings.
  • Elpha is a community for women to discover career opportunities in tech and network with other women in the field.
  • Software Engineering Newsletter lists jobs, events, and more ways to build your professional network.

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Search by…remote opportunities

Also check out these Remote Working Resources

  • Remote Woman is a community for professional women who work remotely.

Search by…recruiter assistance

  • Staffing Agencies Resources
  • TripleByte allows you to showcase your skills to go straight to the tech interview at certain companies.
  • Hatchways helps connect juniors with their first jobs in tech by identifying skill gaps and talking through goals for your job search.
  • ZipRecruiter connects job seekers with recruiters based on specific languages/skills.

Search by…outreach & social media

In addition to finding the right posting, remember that the next step is to find a face at the company to connect with. LinkedIn will be your go-to site for this, but a great way to continue the research into places you want to work that are aligned with your goals is by building your network. Below are some suggestions for groups to utilize for this purpose:

  • Meetup
    • Tips: Search for groups local to the area you’re interested in working and in topics that you’re interested in pursuing (i.e. Ruby, JavaScript, etc.). Be sure to select “Groups” (not “Calendar”). On the group page, there are two things that will be very useful to your job search:
      • Organizers list: who are they? Where do they work? What other meetups are they active in?
      • Upcoming events: look at the RSVP list; Who else is going? What companies do they work for?
  • BeVisible is a career network for Latinx.
  • Black Data Processing Associates is an international organization for Black professionals in tech.
  • CodeNewbie is a community for newcomers to code.
  • Diversify Tech is a community built to share upcoming conference scholarships, events, education scholarships, job opportunities, and more for people who are underrepresented in tech.
  • Ladies Get Paid allows you to connect with thousands of women from around the world to share advice, resources, and job opportunities.
  • Lesbians Who Tech is a career network for lesbians.
  • MAES was founded in Los Angeles in 1974 to increase the number of Mexican Americans and other Hispanics in the technical and scientific fields.
  • National Society of Black Engineers is one of the largest student-governed organizations with the aim to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers.
  • Out in Tech is a community to connect LGBTQ+ in tech.
  • TechLatino is an organization to empower Latino technological and scientific engagement.
  • Trans Tech Social Enterprises is an incubator for LGBTQ Talent with a focus on economically empowering transgender people.