Homeroom groups are the name of the small group of you and your cohortmates that will meet every Wednesday afternoon from 1-2pm MT in weeks 1-5. The purpose is for you and your group to discuss prompts and collaborate on activities related to the PD topics that week.

Why do this?

Our data shows that when cohorts collaborate together and support each other, they get jobs faster. Everyone needs a support network and accountability system. These groups create a space for that along with space to build community connections and practice networking!

What will we talk about?

There will be prompts and activities shared with you each week with instructions on how to structure the hour. But there will also be space for you to make it your own! Again, these groups are meant to be yours – help each other, ask each other questions, give each other feedback, share resources. It’s difficult to find time to work on your PD and job search while at Turing – this is time provided to you for that purpose. Use it wisely!

How will we come together?

There is a calendar event for these groups every Wednesday on your module SLC Zoom account. When you join the zoom link, an SLC rep will open up breakout rooms that you can self-select into. You should move into the breakout room that corresponds to the group number you’re in. For example, if you’re in Group #3, go to Breakout Room #3.

Wait, there’s more! Introducing Mix It Up!

In weeks 2 and 4, you’ll spend the first 30 minutes of the discussion time with your Homeroom Groups, and in the second 30 minutes, you’ll be in mixed groups across modules and programs. Each group will have at least 1 upper module (Mod 3 or 4) student in it so that they can discuss what they’re doing in their job search preparation and advice they have for lower modules. These groups will also be centered around specific topics. These groups will be formed based on surveys conducted by the Career Dev Team and shared out beforehand. See more information on Mix It Up Groups here.