Mod 1 Homeroom Groups Guidelines & Prompts


You and a small group of your cohortmates make up your homeroom. You’ll meet on Wednesdays to discuss and collaborate on your professional development.

With your group, we recommend setting norms for your group. These could include:

  • What communication and feedback looks like within your group
  • How to hold each other accountable
  • If and how you will communicate outside of Wednesday group time. We encourage groups to form Slack channels if they would like!

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Week 1 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. Set norms for how you want to work together (15 mins)

  2. Choose from the following discussion questions on strengths that the group would like to discuss. Choose several or just a few and share your thoughts (20-30 mins):

    • Challenges with strengths
      • What can make it challenging to recognize your strengths? How can you work through those challenges?
      • Do you ever see yourself overusing certain strengths? In what circumstances would you want to use them less and amplify other strengths? How could you adjust your approach in those instances?
    • Strengths in action
      • Describe how you like to work (i.e., Do you pre-plan? Do you talk through your ideas first? Do you work better with deadlines? How do you stay organized?)
      • Why would it be important to talk about this with your project teammates? Your mentor? Your instructors? What could it look like to have that kind of open communication in your cohort?
      • What would you need to be aware of when working with people who have different strengths from you?
    • Continued growth
      • Is there any particular strength you’d like to sharpen while you’re at Turing? Any area you consider a weakness that you’d like to strengthen?
      • What are some steps you could take here?
      • How could you be aware of the progress you’re making?
  3. Write out action steps you can take to develop awareness of your strengths and any challenges. How could you be aware of the progress you are making? If you are repeating the module, reflect on how you used your strengths last module. What changes do you want to make to your approach for this module? (10-15 mins)

  4. If you’re comfortable, share some of your ideas with your group! (5 mins)

Week 3 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. Revisit norms (5 mins)
  2. Start off by discussing: (10 mins)
    • How is your career story coming along?
    • Are you stuck on any particular part that you would like to discuss?
    • What parts do you feel really good about?
  3. Work time: continue working on your professional story using this Career Story template or your paragraph version of your story answering who you are, why you are here, and what’s next. Reminder to consider your motives and values, your turning points (what led to your decision to become a software developer?), and what you envision for yourself in this new career. (20 mins)
  4. Practice! Share your stories with each other. Provide 5-7 minutes per person to share their story and receive feedback from the group. Your feedback should be specific, actionable, and kind. When giving feedback, consider these questions:
    • Is the story clear? Do you have a good understanding of this person’s background and decision to go into software development?
    • What makes you relate to this person? What details stood out to you?
    • What do you still have questions about? What would you like to know more about?

Week 5 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

This week’s homeroom is a storytelling & LinkedIn workshop – find the guidelines here!