Mod 2 Homeroom Groups Guidelines & Prompts


You and a small group of your cohortmates make up your homeroom. You’ll meet on Wednesdays to discuss and collaborate on your professional development.

To start off Mod 2, we recommend revisiting norms with your group. These could include:

  • What communication and feedback looks like within your group
  • How to hold each other accountable
  • If and how you will communicate outside of Wednesday group time. We encourage groups to form Slack channels if they would like!

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Week 1 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. Revisit norms for how your group wants to work together (15 mins):
    • What was helpful last mod?
    • What do you want to keep doing?
    • What do you want to stop doing?
    • What new ways do you want to collaborate with each other?
  2. This week we’re talking about building a technical resume. Start by looking at current student and alumni resumes on Terminal, our portfolio site. Find 3-5 peer profiles to review. Find their resume by clicking on “open resume” on the left side of the portfolio. As you look through these resumes, discuss (15 mins):
    • What do I like about this resume?
    • What stands out the most?
    • What would I do differently on my resume?
    • What should we keep in mind as we build our new resumes?
  3. To help you work on your own resume, let’s talk about project descriptions. As a group, discuss how you could describe the current project you’re working on in your resume (15 mins)
    • Sum up the project in 2-3 sentences. What is the objective? What value does it create for users? If someone wasn’t familiar with Turing projects, what would they need to know about this to understand it?
    • Sum up the top learning goals and skills you are building in the project. How does building this project make you more valuable as a developer?
    • Think about your own role in the project. How are you contributing?
  4. With any remaining time, work on your resume draft using these resources.

Week 3 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. Revisit norms (5 mins)
  2. Discuss (10 mins):

    • What takeaways did you have from the lesson on job search strategies?
    • How will your strategy be similar to job searches you’ve done in the past?
    • What will be different for you?
  3. As a group, look through some of the resources on this page and discuss:

    • What resources are helpful for you? How will you use them in your job search?
    • How can you use these resources to research companies? How can you use them to network?
  4. Spend 10 minutes using the resources on your own and find a job to add to your Huntr board.
  5. To close your conversation today, share out:

    • What job did you find and how did you find it?
    • If you were to apply to this job, what other steps would you take? How could you find out more about this company?
    • How can you continue building your job search strategy during the rest of this mod?

Week 5 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

This week’s homeroom group is a working session on your resumes – find the guidelines here!