Mod 4 Homeroom Groups Guidelines & Prompts


You and a small group of your cohortmates make up your homeroom. You’ll meet on Wednesdays to discuss and collaborate on your professional development.

To start off Mod 4, we recommend revisiting norms with your group. These could include:

  • What communication and feedback looks like within your group
  • How to hold each other accountable
  • If and how you will communicate outside of Wednesday group time. We encourage groups to form Slack channels if they would like!

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Week 1 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. In the first part, homeroom groups will meet to establish norms for how your group wants to work together (30 mins):

    • What progress did you make last mod?
    • What do you want to keep doing?
    • What do you want to stop doing?
    • What new ways do you want to collaborate?
    • What are ways you could help each other for accountability? i.e share the progress we’ve made since the last meeting as well as one goal we’d like to accomplish before the next meeting.
  2. In the second part, homeroom groups will plan goals for the inning and share out.

What are two goals that you hope to achieve as it relates to your job search in the next 6 weeks? 1 Stretch Goal (Might be something outside of your control) 1 Achievable Goal (Think of a goal within your control)

  • What will get you to your goal?
  • What can you do each week to achieve your goal? (add steps to your calendar)
  • What do you need to get this done? (resources, people)
  • What would keep you from getting this done?
  • How do you know you will complete this goal? What will you do to celebrate?

How will you hold eachother accountable for your goals?

Week 3 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

  1. Check-in and share progress or challenges with one small goal from the last meeting (15 mins)
    • What support, resources, or ideas can be shared to help address challenges?
  2. Over intermission and during week one the focus was on negotiations. Negotiating your worth can be daunting; however, you can get what you want if you put in the work to prepare yourself. Based on the negotiation session and your own experience, share your thoughts on the following questions with your group (10 mins):

    • What is your mindset toward negotiating? Are you open or closed to the idea? Why or why not?
    • What would make you feel prepared to negotiate your next job offer?
  3. Review the Salary Negotiation worksheet

  4. Take a few minutes to discuss Step one:
    • What is a range that you will be looking for based on your research?
    • Things to consider: What if you got a low offer for your dream job? What if you got a high offer for your not so dreamy job? How would this impact what you might be seeking in salary? Are there other benefits that might get you to accept a different salary?
    • What skill based reasons would you give to counter an offer? This could include: technical aptitude, cultural competency, and or prior achievements that you can bring to the company on day one.

Week 5 Prompts & Structure (60 mins)

This week’s Homeroom Group is a working session to finalize your Mod 4 action items – find the guidelines here!