Mix It Up


In addition to the Homeroom Groups with your cohortmates, you also have an opportunity to meet with and collaborate with students across modules and across programs – we call this Mix It Up! On Wednesdays in Weeks 2 and 4, you’ll first meet with your Homeroom Groups for 30 minutes and then transition to your Mix It Up group for the second 30 minutes.

Why do this?

Our data shows that student collaboration and connection is a strong indicator of a quick and satisfactory job search. Meeting others within Turing allows you to strengthen your bonds to the community and network in a low-stress environment.

What will you talk about?

Prior to weeks 2 and 4, every student will be able to fill out a survey with their top preference for discussion topics. These topics will be chosen from the 5 PD competencies (Networking, Interviewing, Materials, Job Search Strategies, and Negotiations), industry or technical area of interest, or specific identity or affinity groups.

Module 4 students (and occasionally Module 3 students) will take the lead in the Mix It Up groups, sharing their experiences so far approaching different topics, providing advice for other students, and sharing resources. See more specific directions for Mod 4 leaders here. Everyone will have a chance to participate though!

Here are some potential topics:

How will we come together?

You’ll be put into a Slack group with your other Mix It Up group members, and you will join a breakout room from the Mod 4 SLC zoom account. Check that Slack group for those specific details.