Mix It Up


In addition to the Homeroom Groups with your cohortmates, you also have an opportunity to meet with and collaborate with students across modules and across programs – we call this Mix It Up! On Wednesdays in Weeks 2 and 4, you’ll be assigned a group of students across the Turing program to meet with.

Why do this?

Our data shows that student collaboration and connection is a strong indicator of a quick and satisfactory job search. Meeting others within Turing allows you to strengthen your bonds to the community and network in a low-stress environment.

What will you talk about?

  • Week 2 will focus on Networking. Your group will discuss things like:
    • Networking strategies and tips
    • Ways to add to your networking strategies
    • Helping each other put networking strategies into practice
  • Week 4 will focus on Interview Prep. Your group will discuss things like:
    • Practicing your professional stories
    • Preparing interview stories about your projects and experiences at Turing and in previous careers
    • Helping each other to put interview strategies into practice

In both conversations, you’ll spend time getting to know each other and setting basic norms. The norms that the Career Development Team urge you to adopt are:

  • Make space. Everyone should be given a chance to share.
  • Be present. Take a break from your projects and show up to this conversation.
  • Make this time valuable. What intention can you set for your time today? How can you demonstrate that you value the other students in your group? How can they let you know that they value you?

How will you meet?

The Career Dev team will send out a spreadsheet listing everyone’s groups and their group number. We will use the Mod 4 SLC zoom account, and you will go to the breakout room that corresponds with your group number.