Module 4 Professional Development


Our approach to Module 4 is to review Professional Development curriculum and strategies in order to refine and execute a successful job search. Areas of focus include outreach and networking, resume and cover letter best practices, interview strategies, refining job search strategies, and negotiating an offer. Find more specifics here on Mod 4 Key Learning Goals & Outcomes.

Lessons & Activities

Deliverables & Due Dates

By the end of Mod 4, you should have completed:

  1. Exit Ticket for the async lesson. This should be completed by EOD Friday of the respective week.
    • Week 1 exit ticket from the Negotiations async session
    • As you complete the exit survey, we would love to know of any questions that you have about the lesson and negotiation process. We will address as many of the questions as we can during the live session during week 1. You can submit questions via the survey.
    • Please submit questions via the survey by Tuesday of Week 1
  2. Complete Terminal Portfolio A completed Portfolio must include the following before it can be publshed:
    • A finalized resume and LinkedIn profile
    • A minimum of 2 projects
    • To complete this deliverable refer to the Mod 3 week 1 set up directions and resources
    • Please “request for review” of your portfolio by Friday of Week 4.
    • Final due date: EOD Friday of Week 5. All updates to the portfolio must be made by this time to fulfill this deliverable
  3. Complete the self-evaluation survey by the EOD Friday of Week 5.

Weekly Discussion Guidelines & Prompts

Every Wednesday afternoon, you’ll meet with other students to discuss and collaborate on your professional development. Read through the overview on the Homeroom Groups page to understand what this will look like. Homeroom groups are with your cohort only and happen in Weeks 1-5 while Mix It Up groups are groups that are mixed across the entire student body and happen in Weeks 2 and 4.

Early Graduation Requirements

For students that have signed a job offer and still want to receive a graduation certificate, please reach out to your instructors to follow up on next steps. The below is provided as a general outline of expectations.

  • Attend and maintain above 80% attendance for the first 3 weeks of classes
  • Successfully complete the first project
  • Complete your alumni portfolio for terminal
  • Complete a 30/60/90 day plan outlining your professional development goals. This article may be helpful as a guide. You can use a copy of this template for your submission.

Repeating the Module

For students repeating Module 4, they are not required to attend workshops again unless they would like to. Instead, they will meet with the Career Development team, and using their self-evaluation from their first time through Mod 4, they will create specific goals to work on during the module. They will continue to meet with their Homeroom and Mix It Up groups on Wednesday afternoons.