Module 1 Professional Development


Our approach to Mod 1 is to help you understand where to start in your professional development – no matter where you come from when you start Turing, how can you set yourself up for success in this new career? We start by helping you define your strengths, goals, and professional story for your career transition into software. Mod 1 professional development is delivered through a combination of self-paced asynchronous sessions, small group discussion, office hours, and other check-ins.

Key Learning Goals

The following are covered in the Mod 1 curriculum from our 5 core competencies:

  • Networking:
    • Create and describe your goals in networking
    • Understand how you want to grow your network and identify the next steps to take
    • Build connections in the Turing community through Homeroom groups, Mix It Up, and your mentor relationship
  • Interviewing:
    • Build self-awareness around your background, strengths, values, and goals in order to describe them to others
  • Materials:
    • Utilize your understanding of your story to create a strong LinkedIn profile

See more about these learning goals here.


By the end of Mod 1, you should have completed:

  1. 1 networking activity:
    • Create one networking goal from the Week 2 lesson to complete by the end of the module.
    • Due date #1: EOD Friday of Week 4, submitted through survey shared in your channel. You should submit information either on the networking that you’ve already done and the results OR your plan to have it completed by the end of Week 5
    • Final due date: EOD Friday of Week 5 through the end of mod survey (below)
  2. LinkedIn rough draft that includes:
    • Professional-looking headshot
    • Updated headline statement
    • Summary statement using your professional story
    • Turing added to Experience and Education sections
    • Due date #1: Submit your LinkedIn URL through a survey sent to your channel by EOD Friday of Week 4. You will receive feedback on your LinkedIn draft by mid-week Week 5
    • Final due date: EOD Friday of Week 5 through the end of mod survey (below)
  3. Complete end of mod self-evaluation survey by EOD Friday of Week 5

Weekly Breakdown

To find your weekly activities and deadlines, please check out each week below:

You will also participate in weekly student discussion groups on Wednesdays to collaborate on your professional development.

Repeating the Module

For students repeating Module 1, they are not required to attend workshops again unless they would like to. Instead, they will create specific goals to work on during the module using this plan. They will continue to meet with their Homeroom and Mix It Up groups on Wednesday afternoons.