Module 2 Professional Development

NOTE FOR BE: 2305 Back End Mod 2 students should be referring to the Back End site for all Professional Development content.


Our approach to Mod 2 is to build on the competencies covered in Mod 1 so that students can begin to create a job search and branding strategy as well as learn more about what software development looks like so that they can more clearly define their goals. Mod 2 professional development is delivered through a combination of self-paced asynchronous sessions, small group discussion, office hours, and other check-ins.

Key Learning Goals

The following are covered in the Mod 2 curriculum from our 5 core competencies:

  • Networking:
    • Build on and create new networking strategies to expand your network
    • Utilize networking to conduct research for your new career
  • Interviewing:
    • Build self-awareness around your background, strengths, values, and goals in order to describe them to others
  • Materials:
    • Utilize your understanding of your story and your experiences to creatae a resume draft
  • Job Search Strategies:
    • Combine your values and goals along with tools we’ll provide you to create a strong job search strategy

See more about these learning goals here.


By the end of Mod 2, you should have completed:

  1. Exit Tickets for each of the async lessons. These should be completed by EOD Friday of the respective week.
  2. Resume draft:
    • Your draft should be formatted for an ATS system, be no more than 1 page, and must include at least 2 software projects that you’ve completed so far at Turing and a list of technical skills
    • Due date #1: EOD Friday of Week 2 submitted through this survey and you will also workshop your draft with your House in Week 5.
    • Final due date: EOD Wednesday of Week 6 through the end of mod survey (below)
  3. 2 Networking activities:
    • Build a list of 4 warm contacts (people you want to get to know better) and 4 cold contacts (people in the tech industry to reach out to)
    • Outline 1 action step to take for networking during the mod and document it in your networking tracker
    • Due date: EOD Friday of Week 5 through the end of mod survey (below)
  4. 1 Mentor Coffee Chat
    • Due Date: EOD Wednesday of Week 6
    • Schedule and Complete a coffee chat with a Mentor during this module.
    • Submit a summary of your coffee chat using this structure.
  5. Complete end of mod self-evaluation survey by EOD Friday of Week 5

Weekly Breakdown

To find your weekly activities and deadlines, please check out each week below:

  • Week 1: Creating a Technically Focused Resume
  • Week 2: Building Connection Through Networking
  • Week 3: Job Search Strategies
  • Week 5: Resume Review Workshop

Repeating the Module

When a student knows they will be repeating a module, they will work with the instructional team to determine what their areas of focus will be and what Career Dev work will look like for the upcoming inning.