Module 3 Professional Development


Our approach to Mod 3 is to build on the competencies covered in the previous modules so that students can refine their resumes and interview skills, build portfolios, write effective cover letters, and execute their job search strategies. Learn more about Mod 3 Key Learning Goals & Outcomes.

Lessons and Activities


  • Career Specialists will provide a timeline reflecting the respective program calendars for each lesson and deliverable.

  • BE Mod 3 lessons and deliverables can be found here



  1. Resume Guide
  2. Front and Backend Technical Skills
  3. PD Approved ATS-friendly resume example
  4. 185 Action Verbs
  5. Browse PD resources for networking, interviewing, career materials, job search, and much more!

The following are general guidelines for repeating a module

  • Attend the Intro to PD session for information and updates.
  • Participate in House groups.
  • Complete a new self-evaluation survey based on current PD activities and reflections.
  • Participation in PD sessions is optional if you have already attended them.
  • You are encouraged to participate in Job Shadow.